The eBook is here!

    The eBook is here! Life Before the Lottery: Living Beyond The Bucket has finally gone digital and hit the eBook world… so now all our Kindle, Nook, and iBook lovers have options. Due to the nature of the … Continue reading

I need your help. Actually, I need your opinion.

Life Before the Lottery says hello! Ok, I need a favor… As you know my book,  “Life Before the Lottery” hit the shelves last fall and like a blooming flower, it needs continuing TLC. This has been a wonderfully interesting … Continue reading

The Suckee Side of Self-Promotion

I cried. There were several moments of tears this week, most of which were tears of joy. (One instance involving Amazon and tears of rage. It happens.) I’ve reached a time in my life where it’s officially time to celebrate. … Continue reading