When I’m The Bad Date – Excerpt #4 From The Next Book

Excerpt from the Next Book #4 – When I’m the bad date. There seems to be some curiosity regarding this next book in the “Life Before” series. To satisfy inquiring minds, there are currently twenty-three chapters written with the next … Continue reading

The Big Fat Boo Boo. A Tourist No No.

Found myself in a slight jam yesterday. Not a traffic jam (although that did actually start the whole thing.) The jam I am referring to was a reminder of the importance to remain calm and flexible when things go awry. … Continue reading

30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself

30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself I read this post yesterday and  absolutely loved it! Not one to often share the work of others on the blog but this post was definitely “share-worthy”. Creating a bucket list lifestyle and living life before … Continue reading

When all your plans go to pot…

The derailment of plans and good intentions. It happens. Even after completing 29 of my 30 items on my original 30×30 list and creating and beginning the Next List, I still find myself getting derailed and disappointed. After taking on … Continue reading