About Ashlee Bratton

Ashlee Bratton - a Colorado native that busted a move years ago to California while working as an area manager for Coors Brewing Company...and took her communications degree from Colorado State University and internet marketing background with her as she went. After getting her master's degree in business administration from the University of Redlands and studying abroad in Scandinavia, Ashlee pursued her love of photography and started her Ashography Event & Portrait Photography business in 2009, studying underneath two wedding photographers and taking classes at the Ansel Adams gallery in Yosemite. Writing has always been a passion of hers, as evidenced through projects such as producing a 56 page visitor guide publication distributed in over 2,400 locations, writing food reviews for Vail's "EAT" magazine, and starting and maintaining the ever-entertaining 30x30 blog. So after the 30x30 experience it only seems fitting to tell the stories in her own words. Now back in Colorado and loving life in the mountains, it's time to tell the 30x30 tale and real-life lessons of completing 29, yes 29, of the 30 items on her 30x30 list. (Think a real live "bucket list"...with very real obstacles and a very real expiration date.) Dreams aren't meant to stay in your head. If she can do it, anyone can. Thank you for being a part of this journey and seeing this book dream come to life!

Don’t Waste Your Pain. Lessons from Jimmy Wayne.

Hello Jimmy Wayne. It’s time to write to beautiful. Recently I had a reminder and a reality check that pain is not always a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying pain and heartache and being hurt is … Continue reading

On The Loose In Washington D.C.

On the loose in Washington D.C. … This morning’s adventure started at 4:00am. Staring at the ceiling I finally decided sleep was eluding me and it was worthless to fight it any longer. Trying not to be annoyed as I … Continue reading

The Big Fat Boo Boo. A Tourist No No.

Found myself in a slight jam yesterday. Not a traffic jam (although that did actually start the whole thing.) The jam I am referring to was a reminder of the importance to remain calm and flexible when things go awry. … Continue reading

The Just Because Bucket

Do you have a just because bucket? You know, those items on your bucket list that have no particular rhyme or reason but somehow make the list anyway. Just because. More than likely these types of items are not blow-your-socks-off … Continue reading

Overcoming Grief And Loneliness

Overcoming Grief And Loneliness About to attend another funeral this weekend (one of several within the last three weeks), it’s not exactly how one pictures themselves spending the holidays or starting off a new year. Ever. My heart goes out … Continue reading

Forget Resolutions

Forget Resolutions. Forget New Year’s resolutions. Let’s talk New Year’s theme words. Maybe it’s time to throw out your usual New Year’s Resolutions and instead try on a “theme word” for the new year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all … Continue reading

Another Book In The Works

Ok, after a lot of thought and nail biting, there is another book in the works. After writing and publishing the first book, Life Before The Lottery: Living Beyond the Bucket, I was asked to pen another book. I truly … Continue reading