About Ashlee Bratton

Ashlee Bratton - a Colorado native that busted a move years ago to California while working as an area manager for Coors Brewing Company...and took her communications degree from Colorado State University and internet marketing background with her as she went. After getting her master's degree in business administration from the University of Redlands and studying abroad in Scandinavia, Ashlee pursued her love of photography and started her Ashography Event & Portrait Photography business in 2009, studying underneath two wedding photographers and taking classes at the Ansel Adams gallery in Yosemite. Writing has always been a passion of hers, as evidenced through projects such as producing a 56 page visitor guide publication distributed in over 2,400 locations, writing food reviews for Vail's "EAT" magazine, and starting and maintaining the ever-entertaining 30x30 blog. So after the 30x30 experience it only seems fitting to tell the stories in her own words. Now back in Colorado and loving life in the mountains, it's time to tell the 30x30 tale and real-life lessons of completing 29, yes 29, of the 30 items on her 30x30 list. (Think a real live "bucket list"...with very real obstacles and a very real expiration date.) Dreams aren't meant to stay in your head. If she can do it, anyone can. Thank you for being a part of this journey and seeing this book dream come to life!

Day 7: Time to celebrate commitment. Yes, I said commitment.

Sometimes we just need to create reasons to celebrate. Today is one of them.  I am choosing to pat myself on the back for making it through to day 7. Yay! And when we hit day 30, we’ll think of … Continue reading

Day 6: Getting old is not for the faint of heart

No one wants to be old–there’s a multi-billion dollar industry built around avoiding it. But why all the hoopla and stigma around being or becoming old? If you are blessed to get to the point where you are considered old, … Continue reading

Day 5: Excuse me, that wasn’t on the list…

I have been to the school of fear. Some people call it bungee jumping, but I call it the school of fear. And I got schooled. Several friends in my master’s program were able to witness my journey as I … Continue reading

Day 4: Writing the vision…and how I didn’t.

Okay, here we are in day 4. I have to be completely honest on why I’m doing this 30 day self-imposed blog challenge. When the last item on my 30×30 list was completed, I entered into a “now what?” mode, … Continue reading

Day 3: Re-hashing the good times

I found a video I created awhile back, highlighting some of the good times in the 30×30 journey. Admittedly, I had to watch it through my fingers (the amateur status is that painful, really), but it was really fun to … Continue reading

Day 2: When under fire….life of an evacuee.

The view before evacuation… Earlier this summer I had the unique experience of going through an emergency evacuation as the West Fork Fire ripped through beetle kill trees in the Rio Grande National Forest in Southern Colorado, heading straight towards … Continue reading

30×30 Flash Forward: The New Challenge

I feel very fortunate and blessed to have been able to cross off 29 of the 30 things on my 30×30 list (see previous post for more details), and although that particular list is done, it’s been crossing my mind … Continue reading

30×30 List – More Than A Bucket

A few years ago I went through what I now call a quarter-life crisis around age 25 and decided to make a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I was 30 years old. To address this funk … Continue reading