Delays Are Not Forever

I hate waiting. Put me right up there with the rest of the human population in this category. Although not great at it, there are times I am better at it than others. It’s difficult not to despise the delay. Most of the time waiting makes my nose crinkle and can bring out the not-so-good in this girl. However, I slowly am coming to realize the power and the value of understanding a fact of life–delays are not forever.



It may feel that way sometimes, but delays are not forever.

I look back at my original 30×30 list (a list of 30 things to do before turning 30, being blessed to have crossed off 29 of those 30 items) and although it’s gratifying to see 29 of those dreams come to pass, it’s easy to forget that those things did not come instantly. Most of them didn’t. Sure, there were a few items that I put on the list on purpose that could quickly and easily be crossed off for momentum and sanity purposes (like getting a massage, seeing a play on Broadway and swimming with dolphins), but honestly most of the items on my 30×30 list took time, planning, and were patience builders.

Going for my MBA degree and pursuing higher education took several years of sacrificing countless nights and weekends. Learning sign language was no easy task and did not come naturally to this girl. Paying off over $90,000 in car and student loans was excruciatingly slow. Training to run a 26.2 mile marathon required more than I ever thought my body and my mind could do. To this day I hate running, but it was important to prove to myself that I could do it. I needed to see that the impossible in my world was not only possible, but doable. Hindsight is always 20/20, and in the case of my 30×30 dreams it’s easy to look back and see how what looked like delays were actually perfect timing.

I look to my new Next List and some of the dreams seem so far away, some of them impossible and like they may never happen. It’s in my grumpy, pessimistic, it’ll-never-happen mentality that I have to consciously make a decision to remember that I’ve already learned this lesson. This is something I’ve been through before. Dreams only die when you let them. Delays are not forever. It’s in these moments and seasons where things seem slow or like they have even come to a halt that I need to remind myself that not everything is microwave fast. The good things in life rarely come at warp speed, but when they do finally arrive it’s the wait that makes it worth it.

The Waiting Game

Don’t get distracted by the delays. Our dreams are worth fighting for. Our dreams are worth hoping for. Our dreams are worth believing in. Our God-given dreams are worth dreaming. A delay is not a denial.

Our dreams are worth waiting for.





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