The eBook is here!



The eBook is here! Life Before the Lottery: Living Beyond The Bucket has finally gone digital and hit the eBook world… so now all our Kindle, Nook, and iBook lovers have options. Due to the nature of the book, getting it into an e-version was a little labor intensive and took a bit longer than anticipated, but it’s now here! Obviously there are some differences between the print version and the eBook, but readers can download the interactive activity workbook so as not to miss out on all the fun.

eBook Life Before The Lottery

eBook Life Before The Lottery

Both the print book and eBook are now available online and in the process of collecting Amazon reviews (35 are needed, so feel free to drop a line and be a part of getting the print book some love from the Amazon bots.) Just log in to your Amazon account, search for Life Before the Lottery, leave an honest blurb for the review bots to pick up, and then add it to your Amazon wish list for some extra algorithm love. Wa-la.

Who knew that a little 30×30 bucket list created with a bad attitude in a coffee shop would years later be in print, on the web, and now in the eBook world? I stand amazed.

Thank you for being a part of the next chapter in this little book publishing project. With over 8 million titles available on Amazon alone, the book world is a wonderfully wild beast. We’ve come a long way in a year and a half. The next book is currently in the works and twenty-one chapters deep. Cheers to ebooks, iPads, print books, bucket lists, next lists, next chapters, and good books in all their many forms!


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