I need your help. Actually, I need your opinion.

Life Before the Lottery says hello! Ok, I need a favor…

As you know my book,  “Life Before the Lottery” hit the shelves last fall and like a blooming flower, it needs continuing TLC. This has been a wonderfully interesting learning adventure and I’m still working hard through many channels to continue to get the word out.  One of the greatest hurdles has been Amazon.com.  Apparently, they don’t make things easy for new writers!

Admittedly I never put much weight on reviews and personally didn’t think I wanted to jump through the hoops of getting them. I was wrong. Amazon loves them…and I need Amazon. What it really boils down to is that I am now shamelessly recruiting to make the Amazon bots happy.

According to Amazon’s algorithm, I need at least 35 reviews to even get any kind of exposure, promotion or listing on Amazon (i.e. when you search for something and Amazon lists other things viewed by customers who bought this).  The magical 35 reviews not only help the current book, but will also boost the status of the next one being published called “Life Before Happily Ever After”. Thirty-five reviews is totally doable. So far the book has a measly 13 posted reviews, so really I need 5 more people with 5 lovely friends or relatives and we’ve got it! Do you know or are able to recruit 4 other willing people that can help?

I would be very honored if you would show your support by posting a short one sentence review on Amazon for both the book and the ebook.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy and it’s easy to post.  Here are the instructions:

1.  Log in to your account on Amazon, www.amazon.com.
2.  Search for “Life Before the Lottery” or click here.
3.  You’ll see a “star” rating in the summary area below and to the right of the title.
4.  Click on the little number to the right of the stars
5.  It will take you to a new screen with all of the reviews she’s received so far
6.  Click on “Write a Customer Review”
7.  Type in your review, select a star rating and click submit
8. Add the book to your Amazon wish list. Even if you already have a copy of the book, by adding it to your wish list it helps the book be featured in “items others have viewed or purchased” when shoppers are looking at similar books in that category.

The review will have to go through processing and will post live in a day or two.

If you know anyone else who also read the book and would like to share a review, it would be welcome!  Please feel free to forward this message along.  Thank you SO much for your support with this.  It’s appreciated more than you know.

Hugs & Cheers,




P.S. The e-book is officially (and finally) here. Yay for Amazon, Kobo, and iTunes! More to come on that later.

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