Ashlee Bratton - Author of Life Before The Lottery: Living Beyond The Bucket

Life Before The Lottery: Living Beyond The Bucket – By Ashlee Bratton

Life Before The Lottery: Living Beyond the Bucket List

Ever wanted to turn someday into today?

What exactly is a 30×30 list or a lottery life anyways? It’s turning someday into today. You don’t have to hold the winning ticket in order to live your dreams or to live the God-given dreams buried somewhere deep down inside. We all have those “someday” dreams rolling around inside us. Call it a bucket list, a someday list, call it a life list (call it whatever you want.)

Not holding a winning ticket is not what’s holding your back. Somewhere along the way, your dreams were put on hold. No longer. You can live your dreams now. One girl proved it.

During a bad attitude and a quarter-life-crisis, twenty-something Ashlee Bratton played hookie from work to hole up in the corner of a coffee shop. Out of this bad day and in the attempt to fight a bad attitude, she created her 30×30 list, a list of 30 things she wanted to do before turning thirty years old. Turning her “someday” bucket list into a real life challenge with a real life expiration date, Ashlee crossed off twenty-nine of the thirty items on her 30×30 list… all before turning 30!

If she can do it, so can you. Take a walk down the Failure Hall of Fame and follow the flops of those who have failed miserably and yet have soared into impossible success and risen beyond embarrassment and defeat.

Go ahead. Live beyond the bucket. It’s never too late (and never too soon) to live your “lottery life” and pursue your dreams. There is life before the lottery!